Common Questions We Hear At The Shop

Common Questions We Hear At The Shop

Some of the qreat questions we are asked at the shop.

We often hear great questions about trout fishing in North Carolina here at the shop.  Thought it would be a good time to provide you with some help. 

Question:  What is the trout fishing season in Western North Carolina?

Answer:  We are fortunate that we can fish year round in Western North Carolina.  (Be aware of hatchery supported and delayed harvest waters that have specific rules). The ideal water temperature ranges from the low 40's to the mid 60's.  Temps lower than 40 and above the mid 60's result in the trout slowing down in both their movement and eating.  A few degrees can make a big difference in your success.  Avid anglers often carry a thermometer to find these suttle temperature changes.  Remember that the water temperature maybe much different than the air temperature.

Question:  What is the best fly to use?

Answer:  No one good answer here.  Flies are designed to emulate the food source that fish are eating at the time.  A grear resource is a hatch chart that is published in most States.  Size and fly selection are important.  The link for the North Carolina Hatch Chart is NC Hatch Chart.


Question:  What fly rod should I buy?

Answer:  Several factors need to be considered when purchasing your first fly rod.  Budget, where you will be fishing, the type of fishing you will be doing, your skill set.  Fly rods come in a variety of weights (basically the stiffness and thickness of the rod), length ranging from 5 feet to 13 feet, number of pieces with the norm being 2 or more common, 4.  Price points vary from under $50 to well over a $1000.  Remember that trout do not know what price you paid for your rod.  Presenting the fly to the trout is critical.  


Question:  What is the best place to fish?

Answer:  This can vary widely.  We are fortunate in NC that we have a great hatchery and delayed harvest program.  Local waters are stocked on a regular basis with some waters having special stocking schedules in October and November.  Note that temperatures and time of the year may dictate where you fish.  Summer months we move to higher elevations for colder water.  The Cherokee Indian Reservation has its own stocking program.  The NC stocking schedule can be found at NC STOCKING SCHEDULE.

In closing, stop by and visit your local fly shop.  The staff at the shops are avid anglers and are more than happy to help you.  We want you to have a great time.  For many that visit and fish our local waters find that the trout are a bonus to an incredible day in the mountains.  If you have haven’t tried fly fishing, come on by.  We can help you get on the water.  Guided trips are a great way to learn about fly fishing.


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