Fishing Report January 2, 2021- Happy New Year - Be Like Brad

Fishing Report January 2, 2021- Happy New Year - Be Like Brad

Fishing Report to start off 2021. Lets go fishing.



What a year 2020 was.  Like all of you, we are happy to see 2021 arrive.  As we put plans in place to open the shop, we looked at what could go wrong.  COVID 19 was not on the radar.  We were finally able to open our doors in May and through the support of our residents and the many visitors that come to this wonderful area that we call home we survived.  We sincerely thank each one of you.  


Many enter our doors having no idea what fly fishing is and their only exposure to fly fishing was watching Brad Pitt and the movie “A River Runs Through It”.   Over 70% of our guided trips are first time “fly fishers”.  Many now have already taken their 2nd or 3rd trip since their first trip.  All ask, “Why did we wait so long”?  Our trips start at $225 for one person or $300 for two, include everything you need to enjoy your day on the water including, waders, boots, rod/reel.  You will be “one on one” with a guide who will provide you with instruction on casting, knot tying, fly selection, rig set up, how to read the water and provide an understanding of how and where trout feed. 


Here are some of the top questions that we are asked.


  1. What fly rod and reel should I buy?  Answer:  There is no one answer.  Our staff will work with you to fit you with the best package based on budget, where you plan to fish, experience and your future fishing needs.  Just like shoes, one size does not fit all, and our goal is to provide you with the equipment that will meet your needs and fit your budget.  For many, they will only purchase one rod and reel in their lifetime and others the purchase is to supplement their equipment based on a new style of fishing or new destination. 


  1. Is this an expensive sport to get into? Answer:  It does not have to be.  We have rod and reel packages that will fit everyone’s budget and fishing needs.  The fish do not care if you spent a little or a spent lot.  Presentation and fly choice are the key.  Come on by and meet with our staff who can help you put a package together.  Your first package does not or should not be an expensive package.  Look for a good warranty and a package that you can use in a variety of places.  Later you can specialize to fit your style and location. 


  1. Is this a good time of the year to fish?  For the diehard, any time you can get on the water is a good time.  This time of the year is actually a great time of the year.  There is less fishing pressure, our delayed harvest season is in progress and most fisheries have been well stocked and the wild trout are on the move.  Trout enjoy cooler water.  With the proper gear you will stay warm and dry and enjoy your time on the water.  Select small flies.  Come on by and chat with us.  Warm smiles and free advice await you.  Before you head out be sure to check the flows on the river you are fishing.  Many of our rivers are tailwaters meanng the source is a lake controlled by a dam.  These dams are used to generate power and help control flooding.  Water rises quickly when generation is occuring.  The risk is not worth the reward.  Flows can be found at


Be Brad, hit the water, enjoy the moment.  You will soon realize that its not about the fish. 


Wishing everyone a safe, healthy and prosperous New Year!!


Thank you,


Fish Tales


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