Fishing Report January 23, 2021

Fishing Report January 23, 2021

Fishing report and exciting news for January 23, 2021

Happy Saturday!

Winter time has been upon us but fishing remains excellent.  Look for those days that the temperature climbs a few degrees.  A few degree change often triggers trout to become more active.  Trout will feed until the drops below 40.  This eliminates many of the higher elevation locations such as in the Great Smoky National Park.   Just like humans, when the water temperature is colder, they move slower.  Look for water that maybe just a few degrees warmer than other water.  A thermometer is a valuable tool to have this time of year.  Most sell for around $15.00.  Please be cautious when wading especially this time of year.  There are less people on the water to help if you take than unexpected fall and most importantly, if only takes a short time for hypothermia to strike.  Always have a set of dry clothes in your vehicle.  Dress appropriately for the weather.  

The water is typically clearer and lower this time of year.  Being Stealthy is key to sucess.  Trout typically are facing upstream so the best approach is to fish upstream so you are behind the fish on your approach.  Presentation is critical, a soft touch is essential.  If possible,  take a few minutes and scan the water for trout before entering so not to spook the fish.  You may chose a different entry point based on your observations.  

We plan to start our 3 day trips into Smoky Mountain National Park in March or April.  We are excited about these trips.  These trips, in partnership with Outdoor 76, will offer something for everyone.  We will be providing the base camp, meals and half day guided trips along with classes on map reading, using a compass, protection of our resources, casting instruction and rod setup as well as many other activities.  More to come in the near future.  Additional information posted under our guided trip section on the website.  

We have put our fly tying classes on hold due to COVID but look to restart in February.  We will be posting the date and times shortly.  The classes are free and we provide all the necessary supplies and vices.  We have ample space for social distancing.  


Stay safe and best wishes for a fantastic fly fishing trip.  Remember, its not about the fish.  


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