Fishing Report March 24, 2022

Fishing Report March 24, 2022

Update on fishing in North Carolina and North Georgia

Its that time again!!


April 2 is around the corner.  Hatchery supported waters reopen after a long winter.  Many have fished throughout the winter in our delayed harvest waters.  Fishing has been excellent as long as you could brave the multiple cold spells that seemed to all fall on the weekends.  


As we make the transition from winter to spring our fly selection changes.  Caddis, stone fly, March Brown and Quill Gordons  are the insects  that trout are targeting.  A few degree change in water temperatures can make a big difference.  Water in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park will fish different that our lower elevations and stocked waters.  Nymphing will be very productive.  Look for rising fish before switching to dry flies or a dry dropper set up.  


Before hitting the water take the time to check your gear.  We often hear the story about someone hitting the water and their felt soles fell off.   The customer often reports that they put the boots away years ago and they were fine.  Dry rot is often the culprit.  Same goes to seams on waders.  Take a look at your fly line.  If you haven't changed your line in a few years its probably time.  Many lines will crack over time allowing water penetration.  Your floating fly line is no longer floating on the surface.  Make sure to clean your fly line several times a year.  Dirt build up will cause premature failure as well as preventing your line from floating high on the water.  No harsh chemicals.  There are many fly line cleaning products that will work without affecting your line.  


Safety first.  Our water remains cold and a fall into the water can quickly lead to hypothermia.  Have an extra set of clothes in your vehicle.  If fishing remote, let your friends, significant others know where you will be and you schedule.  Nothing like being in the back country and having a medical issue or vehicle issue and not being able to reach anyone.  


Where to Fish??  The North Carolina Wildlife,  has excellent info on stocking schedules, maps on where to fish and trout handling and identification.  

Stock Schedule and location

Trout Fishing Map


 New to Fly fishing?  We offer daily guided fly fishing trips, walk and wade and float trips.  


Any questions, give us or your local fly shop a call or stop by.  We are all here to help you enjoy your day on the water.  Come see the beauty of the mountains.  Trout live in beautiful places.


Stay Safe,


Fish Tales






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