Top 3 reasons to use a guide on your next fishing trip to Western North Carolina

Top 3 reasons to use a guide on your next fishing trip to Western North Carolina

A summary of the three top reasons to use a guide when doing a fly fishing trip. Considering getting into fly fishing or wanting to learn a new technique or a body of water. This article will hep anyone understand the many benefits of using a professional fly fishing guide.

Considering getting into fly fishing or wanting to expand your knowledge base?  A guided fly fishing trip may be just what is needed.   Here are the top 3 reasons to use a guide on your fly fishing trip.


Reason #1 - Fly fishing can be intimidating.  it doesn’t need to be. Many of your guests have never fly fished before and many have never fished before.  What rod, reel, line and flies does one use.  Where do I go?  A fishing guide spends nearly every day on the water fishing the incredible streams, creeks and rivers throughout Western North Carolina and Georgia.  We have thousands of miles of fishable water in Western North Carolina.  There is over 800 miles of fishable water in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park alone.  Most guides have fished these waters their entire life.  They know the “hatch”, they know what water is producing based on time of year, weather conditions as well as the location of “the secret hole”. There are many rules and regulations that protect our incredible fisheries.  The guides know these rules and work hard to protect our fish and fisheries so that they may be enjoyed for generations to come.

Reason #2 - Economics.  The cost to purchase the gear necessary to get into fly fishing can be costly especially if the purchases are made without knowledge.  Rods, reels, lines, packs and vests, tools, flies.  it all adds up.  The purchase of equipment should be based on your budget, the type of fishing you plan to do  and where you plan to fish. A guided fishing trip provides an excellent understanding of the basics of fly fishing, gear and even more importantly, allows you to know if fly fishing is right for you.  For most it is, for some its a check off on the bucket list.  


Reason #3 - You came to the mountains to escape the drama of daily life.  Why spend your valuable time trying to find where to fish, learning what the regulations are and trying to cast this tiny object we call a fly to a fish across the stream.  A professional guide with help you understand where trout are located, what they are eating, and provide you with an understanding of knots, casting, fly selection and how to read the water so your time is not spent in unproductive water with the wrong fly.  On each trip we ask our guests what is is they hope to achieve.  For some its just learning the basics of fly fishing, for some it a specialized technique such as euro nymphing, for others its learning a new stream such as exploring remote sections of the Great Smoky Mountains.  You will be pleasantly surprised at the low cost of a guided fishing trip.  The only thing that you will need is a smile (we can help with this).   By the end of your trip you will ask why you waited so long.  Let us help get you on the water.


Visit us a for more information.   Better yet, give us a call and talk to us about how we can make your visit to the mountains a special one.  


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