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Tippet is measured in "X".  The higher the X the thinner and typically less strength the tippet has.  In general, there are two types of tippet, mono or nylon and flourocarbon.  Mono/nylon are used when fishing dry flies or when weighted by nymphs or weight can by used for nymphing.  Without weight, mono/nylon floats on the waters surface thus making it the best choice for dry flies.  Fluorocarbon is used for nymphing as it sinks allowing nymphs to reach the strikee zone quicker and in most cases is less transparent in the water.  

Tippet is used for a variety of purposes including extending your leader, reducing the diameter of your leader to allow the use of smaller flies and/or reducing diameter due to water conditions such as ultra clear water.  

Tippet is also used to add addtional flies to your setup such as a dry dropper, double or tripple nymph rig.  

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